ActivInspire v2.11.66910 silent install


Does anyone know how to do a silent install of ActivInspire? I have generated the network install and created the MST file however when I run ActivInspire.msi /qn the install doesn't work.



  • We can assist with the creation of the MSI and MST files to distribute using the executable downloaded from our support page, but assistance with the distribution of those files would be best obtained from the company producing the software through which that distribution occurs.
  • I'm using Microsoft MDT and WDS. It uses msiexec.exe(windows installer) but none of the switches will work when I use them. /qn does not work with the msi file when it does for my other msi files I'm installing.
  • The issue I'm having is what switches to use with msi file. I have tried 
  • I was able to get it to working. Thanks.
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