How to change from activprimary to a different version

I've just downloaded ActivInspire onto my home laptop and, as I don't have the school details, signed up for the personalised version. However, when it asked me which version I was used to, I clicked Primary, thinking the version my primary school had was this. It's not... it is a more professional version without all the colours, etc. I have no way of contacting the relevant person in school as we're on half-term. Do I need to reinstall in order to change this and, if so, which version should I click? Can you advise? Thanks


  • It is not necessary to re-install the software to change the look of the ActivInspire.

    Bring up ActivInspire's Dashboard (F11 in Windows, View > Dashboard in macOS) and look under the 'Configure' heading.  There will be a checkbox there labeled "Launch next time using the Studio look and feel"; check that box then close and reopen the software.  The look of the software should be changed once the software re-opens.
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