PRM-35 won't turn on

The power light is on but when you turn it on, all the LED lights go off and the fans run. Lamp doesn't come on. Lamp doesn't flash or anything. I have power-cycled the projector and tried a known good lamp. Any ideas on what could cause this?


  • Hello jlittleton,

    If possible, it may be worth testing with another known working power supply. It could be that the unit is not getting enough power to remain on and fully powered.

    If you do try a known working power supply and the issue continues please let us know.

    Thank you
    Promethean Technical Support

  • jlittletonjlittleton Posts: 12
    Plugged a known good power cable directly into the projector in a known good outlet and I get the same result.
  • Hi jlittleton,

    We are going to send you an email directly using the email you have used to create your account. Your case number will be 926732. 

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