Freeze on ActivPanel

We have a number of V6 75" 4K panels connected with HP x360 laptops.
They work great, but we are having a slight issue with the freezing of the image.
A teacher is displaying work and freezes the image on the board, but as they are away from their laptop going round the class, if the laptop screen goes to sleep the frozen image is then lost. This is very annoying that the image disappears whenever there appears to be a change to the input signal.

Do you have any suggestions at all?


  • Hello Jonathan,

    Are you connecting to the panel via ActivCast or are you connected using a USB cable?

    If possible, you could extend the sleep timer on the computer to stop the computer from going to sleep as quickly.

    We also have an article detailing how to prevent your display from disconnecting when you wake the computer: https://support.prometheanworld.com/article/?kb=1689

    Please let us know if we can assist you further.

    Kind Regards,
    Promethean Technical Support.

  • Hi Martha,

    We are connecting via HDMI and USB.
    Changing the power settings on the PC isn't really a solution as surely when the ActivPanel is on Freeze and holding the image, it should not matter if the computer powers down its screen. 
    The problem doesn't occur with the Blank option on the screens.

    We never experienced this issue with projectors and its a little concerning as the ActivPanel should be a step up, not a step back.

  • If the Panel loses a signal from one of its video inputs, though either a physical disconnection or the computer ceasing to output a signal, it will immediately begin to search for signal from other inputs.  Any image frozen on the Panel prior to this loss of signal will be lost as it searches for a new signal and either displays it or a message stating that there is No Signal found.

    The Blank option, instead of blocking or interrupting any signal from the computer, commands that Panel's display to place a solid-coloured layer over what is being currently displayed.  You would not be able to access any functions of the Panel until the Blank option is toggled off
  • Why does it search for another input? What is the purpose?
    It does not automatically switch to another input, the OPS for example, all that appears on the screen is that there is another active input and if the user wants to change to it, they are presented with the option, otherwise they get the No Signal message on the screen after the onscreen message timeouts.
    It is almost as if there is no point for the search, when the user can easily hit the input button on the panel or remote and see which inputs are active.

    I am struggling to see why the frozen image is lost, when it has purposely been set to Freeze. 
  • Hi Jonathan,

    You can turn off the source scan in the menu settings of the ActivPanel.  Go into Menu/setting change the Source Scan to manual.

    For the frozen image that is lost, it will only keep the image on the computer frozen as long as that image is outputting from the computer.  When the computer goes to sleep that image is no longer showing on the computer and will not show on the ActivPanel.  The ActivPanel is only capable of freezing an image that is displaying from the source of that HDMI source.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you.
  • I'm not sure if I'm going round in circles here, but when the ActivPanel freezes the image, is it then not ignoring any input that is coming in from the hdmi input, so in essence should not 'see' the signal disappearing, or even if it does then it should still stay on freeze, should it not?

    This is our biggest headache at the moment as even logging off and on again can loose a frozen image on the screen and we are used to projectors which can hold a frozen image even if cables are pulled out and just the power remains. 
  • The ActivPanel does not have any feature or setting through which a frozen image can remain displayed through a loss of video signal from the device whose picture the panel is displaying.  Once a video signal is lost, any frozen image will be lost, as well.
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