Release Notes for ClassFlow v6.4 (released Friday 15th June 2018)

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ClassFlow v6.4 is released to US users on Friday 15th June 2018 and will released internationally on Friday 22nd June 2018.

Fixes and enhancements

Office365 authentication on Internet Explorer and Edge working correctly


Activity Builder

Activity no longer shows in Whiteboard after delivering from Lesson Builder or Marketplace

Memory Game now works with images only

Activities no longer freeze when building, editing or delivering


Assessment Builder

Feedback on Match List now displays correct answers

Label Image and Sorting question types now work in Lesson Assessments

Assessment questions can now be previewed from the ClassFlow Resource Pack

Creative Response questions now show the entire image

Assessment status bar now navigates teachers to the Assessment score page

Label Image markers now show in correct position in legacy assessments (N.B. legacy assessments containing labels should be resaved with ClassFlow Desktop before uploading to ClassFlow)

Math tool styling now correctly aligned when browser is set to Italian



Assignment scores are now visible to students


Lesson Builder

Progression through lessons can now be done consistently using arrows

The sound player for objects can now be resized and moved on a card



Creative Response polls now show the entire image regardless of card size



Error message no longer appears when creating a resource from Google Drive via the resource selection page

Resource list now loading correctly on smaller screens when scrolling down


Whiteboard and Presenter

Touch now works properly for various Activities and Actions when connected to an ActivPanel

Text boxes anchored for rotation and size in Lesson Builder can now be selected and moved in Presenter    

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