PRM-AB378-03 wiring help

I am an IT Tech for a school department, and I was given the task of trying to connect a laptop to a PRM-AB378-03 board, but I have NO IDEA what goes where. I've been a tech for 20 years, so I know what I'm doing, but being that this board was never connected properly, I am at a loss.

There is a wallbox connected, which we have a laptop's VGA signal going to, and it goes to the projector, so that's not an issue (I don't think), but I have no idea where to connect the laptop via USB to the board to use the pen for touch. The board has the audio amplifier in the back of the upper-left of the screen, and it seems like it's connected properly... I didn't have an audio cable with me so I couldn't test it, but I assume it works.

So the issue is... where do I connect a USB cable from the laptop to the board so Active Inspire can work?? I'm sure I'm missing something, but we really need to get this working.



  • On 300 and 300Pro ActivBoards, the USB cable from the computer will ultimately connect to the electronics module on the back side of the board's upper left corner.  Article 1328 from our support page will illustrate the connections being made on those models of ActivBoard, albeit from the back side of the board (and only the 300Pro will have the amplifier module built-in to its side).
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