We have an old Generation 2 IWB and it will not callibrate.  The flame goes red when I touch the board with the pen but that is all.  What do I need to do? 


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    Hi KimScott,

    Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

    You need to ensure that you have the USB cable connected directly from the ActivBoard to your computer and that you have the ActivDriver installed. 
    This will get the connection and pen interaction working so that you can calibrate.

    If you currently connect your USB through a wallbox or connectivity panel, try this by connecting directly into the USB input on the ActivBoard.
    If you haven't got the ActivDriver installed, you can download from the below link:

    If you still experience any issues, please try another USB cable and computer that is known to work with the same model of ActivBoard and see if this works.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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