HDMI and/or USB video input


We have several ActivPanel displays at our school. I believe they are either version 1 or 2. On one of our displays, the HDMI port has become damaged and inoperable. 

Is the HDMI port the only input for video? I noticed another port (not the Touch Screen port), labeled TV USB. Will  this port accept video from a laptop. My thought was to connect an HDMI to USB cable from the laptop to the display. Will this work, or do I need to have the display repaired or replaced?

Let me know if providing the exact model and serial number will help further.

Thank you,


  • Hi William,

    Yes, the only input that will provide an image from your computer is the HDMI or VGA port.  The USB is for touch on the ActivPanel.  

    For more help on your ActivPanel, please click on the link from our support site https://support.prometheanworld.com/contact/.  Please file out the form and let us know what happened to the HDMI port. 

    Thank you,

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