Pen vs Finger while annotating over the desktop???

Greetings! I am trying to figure out why I am unable to scroll through a website with my finger, even though the finger is in "select" mode while my stylus is in "pen" mode. If I change the stylus to "select" mode, then I can scroll with my finger, perfectly. I would like to be able to freely scroll on a website with my finger, make annotations while using the stylus, then scroll more with my finger. Any help? All that happens now is that my finger creates selection boxes... that does me no good.


  • On which model of our hardware is this behavior occurring?

    Assuming that this is occurring in ActivInspire's Annotate Over Desktop feature, can you confirm for us which version of that software is installed on the computer in use with that hardware?

    Does any other computer connecting to this hardware experience the same or similar behavior?
  • This is on an AP5-70 Active Panel... ActiveInspire version is 2.11.66910. This is on a Windows 7 PC. 
  • First, we would recommend downloading and installing the update 2.13 software from Promethean Support.

    Second, please ensure that the Settings under "Dual Mode Activboards' are at "Touch and ActivPen" and "OS Compatible"
  • Well, for some reason, the "touch interoperability" button is grayed out and is on "default" now. It just doesn't make sense to me as to why the pen has to be in "select" mode for my finger to be able to "select" as well. 
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