ActivBoard100 no display

We've been given a used ActivBoard 100. Trying to get it working I installed the current driver and plug in the usb. The flame is white and I can see in ActiveManager that it's connected. Nothing else happens - it's our first whiteboard. When I go to calibrate should the board display something? It seems like it doesn't turn on or glow.

Thank you


  • Hi TimEC,

    In order to have your computer display on the ActivBoard you will need to be connected to a projector via VGA or HDMI depending on the model of your projector.  Once you connect to the projector you will be able to see the calibration points on the board.

    If you are still having an issue once you connect to the projector, please supply the model of your projector and will will help with the image.

    Thank you,
  • TimECTimEC Posts: 2
    Any projector or one of Promethean's? It also didn't come with an activpen which I know we'll need. Didn't want to spend money on one and find out the board isn't any good.

    This is quite new to us and I'm not really sure what the use case will be (or if there even is one for us).

    Thank you!

  • Hi TimEC,

    If you download the ActivDriver to your computer and connect the USB cable you will see if the board connects in ActivManager.  You can then purchase a pen to see if you get interaction on the board before you purchase a projector. 
    Here is  the link to purchase a pen http://needitnow.prometheanworld.com/

    You can use any projector, you would need to look at the product specifications for that projector.  Here is the link to the board specifications https://support.prometheanworld.com/files/public/pdfs/ActivBoard100 Specification Sheet 1111v2.0.pdf.

    Thank you,
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