ActivConnect G v2.2 - Freezing

I have an issue where users have upgraded to v2.2 and the unit freezes quite often.  Has anyone else seen this?  I could provide the list of apps but not sure if that is the cause or not.  Is there any performance monitor logging tool that could show CPU or memory usage per app to assist with this?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Hi IT_Guy
    Thanks for posting.

    When you refer to freezing, can you advise specifically what is happening? 

    Also for confirmation, can you confirm which USB port are you connecting to on the ActivConnect? 
    Please ensure that your USB cable is connected to the input labeled USB rather than the one labeled USB/OTG on the ActivConnect G unit itself.

    There is an app built in to the ActivConnect called Clear Manager which allows you to stop any applications running in the background that aren't needed. You can try to use this to see if this helps.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • I'm having the same issue I'm running the Clear Manager now to see if that helps. What is happening on ours is the touch becomes unresponsive. I can plug in a keyboard after it freezes and that will work though so the whole OS is not freezing. If I unplug the USB to the board and plug it back in the touch does not start working again.
  • Hi bryandavidwilliams

    Has this only started to happen since you updated the software? Does the touch stop working/freeze at any particular time or is it random? 

    Can you confirm which port in the ActivPanel you are connecting the USB cable? 

    We look forward to hearing from you. 


  • IT_GuyIT_Guy Posts: 30
    The only solution I have found is after the 2.2 update do a factory reset of the box.  It works every time.  I am sure it is just a certain app or underlying process that is an issue but I have yet to find a great method to narrow that down.  Got frustrated and found a fix...sucks because we have a TON of these boards.
  • Thank you for that update, @IT_Guy.
    If you are able to determine the app which is triggering this, please let us know.
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