Unlock option and view options not found

I used this program last year.  This year I went to lock an image and that was fine. But then I went to move it and of course it says I need to unlock the object. My issue is that there is not way to unlock it like there was last year.  Where can I find that button?  Also, I use to have two viewing options. One of them allowed me to change things and the other did not.  I don't see those options this year.  Where can I find them?  Thanks, Melissa


  • Hi mdermody,

    Thanks for posting.
    It sounds like you are using the ActivInspire software, is this what you are using?

    If so, you may be using the Personal edition of ActivInspire, this can be checked by going to Help>About (Windows OS) Or ActivInspire>About ActivInspire (MAC OS), at the top you will see the version you are running.

    To get the Design/Presentation modes you will need to use the Professional edition of the software.
    If you have your ActivInspire activation key to hand, you can go to Help>About>Register and enter this here to upgrade to the Professional edition.

    If you do not have your activation key to hand, you can use your Promethean hardware serial number and model number to generate an activation key on the below link:

    I hope this information helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
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