PRM-30 mirrored, Apple TV, iPad Pro, no sound

I have the PRM-30. My iPad Pro mirrors fine wirelessly through the AppleTV that is connected to the board via HDMI. 
  The issue is that there is no sound....is the PRM-30 capable of audio through this connection and if not, what work around is available?


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  • Thank you. I tried a Bluetooth speaker but when I connected, it kicked me off the Apple TV. The 3.5mm jack on The PRM would not deliver sound while the Apple TV was in use. Are there any other solutions?
  • Hi maestraburchfield,

    Thanks for posting.
    As the projector does not have audio pass through, the only suggestion would be to use the bluetooth speaker. However I would refer to Apple for other solutions since the speaker does not appear to work with the device.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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