How do I connect a computer to my board to upgrade firmware?

I have both G-series and OPS-G panels.  I'm not sure which port(s) to connect my notebook computer to and use Activmanager to upgrade firmware.

Also, what type of cable should I use?



  • Depending on which model of ActivPanel is in use, there may be a set of USB and HDMI ports on the front to which a computer can be connected.  

    The HDMI cable to use in that connection is a generic one, and the USB cable to use would be similar to one used to connect a USB Printer or scanner or any of our previous ActivBoard hardware (Flat end in the computer, Square end in the hardware).

    With those cables in place, select the HDMI 1 input (the front input) on the Panel (or whichever set of inputs the computer is connected to) and follow the instructions in the below article to update that Panel's firmware:

    1160 - ActivPanel firmware upgrade instructions

  • troytecktroyteck Posts: 12
    Thanks for your answer, Jarrad.  To use ActivManager to upgrade firmware, does one use both cables, USB and HDMI?  Also, if there isn't a square USB port on the front of the panel, is there a preferred HDMI/USB port on the back of the panel to use?  Thanks again.
  • Hi troyteck

    Thank you for your post!

    Yes, you would need both HDMI & USB connected. You can connect to any of the USB ports for the connection but the HDMI and USB ports must match for the ActivPanel to recognise them. 

    Please let us know if you need any further support :smiley:

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