ActivInspire studio view loading slow

Have teacher with issue of activInspire studio view taking hours to load.
have windows 10.
problem on computer works fine on smart board. after loading on computer works very slow. the computer has to stay on to be able to use in morning. 
activinspire is up to date.and computer works fine other the that. 


  • What version number of ActivInspire is installed on the computer in use?  Article 1070 from our Support Website can help you locate that information on the computer.

    Is the windows user account on the computer stored locally on the computer or does it or any part of it reference a network or other external location?  Do other (preferably local) User or Admin accounts on the computer experience a similar loading issue when starting the ActivInspire software?
  • CSdemonCSdemon Posts: 2
    The version is 2.14.67304
    user accounts are stored locally 

  • Does cleaning out the Temp folders on the computer have any effect on Inspire's performance?

    If another user or Admin account logs into the computer and attempts to open the ActivInspire software, does the same behavior present?

    Does the software open normally when not connected to any hardware?
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