Sudden horizontal lines while drawing on activeboard

While drawing lines on an activeboard it sometimes registers the wrong x-position which results in horizontal lines as seen in the picture.

Does this need a hardware or software fix?

Regards Allan Pedersen


  • While we do see this happen sometimes with software, and would advise at least updating the ActivDriver on the computer to our latest version (5.17, as of this post; available for download from here), we more often see this occur as part of a hardware issue.

    For that hardware, if the connection to the board is made over USB and any additional hardware (e.g. an extension cable or booster, a wallbox, an external USB hub or docking station) is utilized in that connection, please instead try making a direct connection between the computer and the Board’s electronics behind its upper left corner using only a single 3m length of A-to-B USB cable.  Does connecting a computer to the Board  in this manner with our updated driver installed have any effect on the interactions experienced with the board?

    Also, does using a different computer with this board or a different ActivPen to interact with the board produce any difference in the board’s behavior?

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