ActivBoard sound problem

Dear Support!

We have several Promethan ActiveBoard 387 Pros and recently the sound started lagging when watching a video on the internet or listening music etc... It's sorta like an android sound or some sort.
I updated the firmware version on all of them, which is fixed the problem but just for a short while. I reinstalled the driver and the software with no luck. We have Windows 8.1 on all laptops. This issue is totally random, and the activinspire program is always runs fine, just the sound starts to lag.

Can You help me with this problem?
Thank You!


  • Hi Bálint,

    Thanks for posting,

    I've not come across this issue before, from what you have mentioned, I suspect this will be more than likely down to the computer as its unlikely to be a fault across several ActivBoards.

    Does this issue happen when you use another computer, preferably a different model of computer than what has been used with the ActivBoard.

    When this issue happens, are you using ActivInspire? 
    Do you experience the same issue if you watch a video from the internet? Or a file saved locally?

    Many thanks
    Promethean Technical Support

  • Hi Adam!

    Sorry for the late response. We experience this issue with local videos/music too not just by watching YT. This problem is independent from the ActivInspire, it's totally random. This issue occur in every laptop in every classroom independently from each other. We have the same laptop type (HP ProBook 455 G1) in the classrooms.

  • Hi Bálint,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Do you get the same issue with other models of computer when connecting to the ActivBoard?
    Are you also connecting to the ActivBoard using a USB cable for sound or using an AUX cable?

    Have you ensured that your HP ProBooks have got all the latest available chipset updates and Windows updates applied?

    Is there anything particular that can be done to replicate this issue that you've noticed?

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
  • We only have this kind of laptops and it's difficult to set up a PC for the board because this issue is so random. Today I had the problem for another board. This one showed this for the first time. No new windows updates, no nothing just weird sound, which can be fixed by unplugging the USB cable, then repulg it. But the board that showed this for the first time didn't have this issue for weeks now. We are using the usb cable for sound.
    I know this is not much to go on, but I think this is caused by some kind of update from the windows 8.1, but i don't know which one. My predecessor turned off the windows 8.1 updates but I reinstalled some of them in the summer. But here is the thing. I never touched that one laptop that showed this issue today. It has the old setting on it, and still has the problem just like the updated ones. Sadly I don't have a free laptop to test out a clean unupdated Win 8.1 with the board.
    Well, I think this is a crapshoot.
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