Touch and pen different tools within activinspire

Is there any way to set activinspire so the pen and touch are set for different tools?  For example use touch as select and pen as pen? 

We currently have an ActivPanel 5 70" HD running.  Running ActivInspire V2.14 and ActivDriver 5.17.13.

I have checked the Dual Mode ActivBoards settings and tried changing default tool for touch.  Touch Input Handling is greyed out and i cannot change this setting.

A member of staff said he was previously able to to us one tool for touch and another for pen and now says this functionality has been lost.

Kind regards


  • That setting being greyed out would indicate, in this case, that a connection to the Panel is not being recognized.  Are you able to interact with the computer using touch input on the Panel's surface?

    Is the USB connection to this panel using any extension cabling, adapters, boosters, docking stations, or other hardware?  If any such hardware is present, please by-pass them in favor of a single 3m/10' USB cable to make this connection.  Does connecting in that manner allow Inspire to have the Touch Input Handling setting become changeable?

    If the Panel is listed as a connected device in the ActivManager's Control Panel, please confirm for us the version number of firmware listed with the Panel in that window.
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