Promethean falls asleep while DVD playing

A dvd player is hooked into the promethean board. The dvd starts playing and plays for quite a while. While the dvd is still playing, the promethean bulb/board falls asleep. You have to click power and source search to get it back on (while the dvd has been running the entire time). How do you get the board to stop  going into sleep mode while an input source is providing input?


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    So we can best advise on a solution for this, can you confirm the model number that you are using? If you have an ActivBoard and projector, please provide the model of the projector.
    When this falls asleep, are you presented with a message saying shutting down? 

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  • hfrickehfricke Posts: 2
    edited on November 28 2018
    The projector is a PRM-35 and it never goes off the entire time this is going on. It keeps projecting - but turns blue when the board goes to sleep.

    The board literally shuts itself off. You have to walk around to the side and the power button has turned red. You have to push the power button to turn the board back on and make the power light turn green. The board is a: ABV387PRO
    There is no error message displayed.
  • How is the DVD player connecting to this Projector and ActivBoard?  Does using different cables to make these connections have any effect on the behavior?

    Does the same behavior happen when connecting this DVD player to another Board and Projector?
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