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We are having a few issues with out flipcharts, when they are opened some are blank on the main pages but have graphics on the side view page.


  • Hi dcleary

    When opening a corrupt flipchart, you will notice that some or all of the content on your page is missing, but a preview is visible in the Page Browser. 

    User-added image
    If your flipcharts are becoming corrupt, first look at how they are being saved. Ensure that you are saving your work to a stable location, i.e. directly to your hard drive. Saving to a USB memory stick or external hard drive can cause problems if the connection is interrupted, or the device is faulty or disconnected prematurely. Saving to a network location can cause corruption if your network connection is unreliable or the file has not uploaded fully before the computer is disconnected from the network.

    Check your Temp folder is not full and empty it periodically. Your ActivInspire flipchart is stored here whilst you work on it, and if the Temp folder is full, your work may not be saved. This is sometimes the case with larger flipchart files. To empty your Temp folder, make sure ActivInspire is not running, then open My Computer and type %temp% in the search bar. Hit Enter

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    Select all of the files and folders, and delete them. You may receive a message if some of the files are in use; click Skip

    If your Temp folder is empty but you continue to experience problems with corrupt flipcharts, we recommend updating your software. Promethean releases frequent updates to ActivInspire, so check for updates regularly to make sure you are running the latest version. 

    Although it is not possible to repair a corrupt flipchart, you may be able to recover some of your content. Launch ActivInspire and open the corrupt flipchart. Open your Temp folder by following the above steps. You will see a folder in your Temp folder called com.promethean.activinspire.1. Open this folder, and double click the name of your flipchart. Your content (images, videos and audio files) are stored in this folder should you wish to copy them to recreate your flipchart. 

    Keeping your software up to date, and saving your work to a stable location will prevent your flipcharts from becoming corrupt.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support
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