Interactive WhiteboardsAB378Pro & Win 8.1 problem with connection

If the computer with the up-to-date version 5.11 driver (downloadable
from Article 10902 on our Knowledgebase,
if needed) installed is not able to recognize a connection to the board, the ActivManager
(located in Windows’ system tray to the lower right, as a smaller icon next to
the time and date) should have a red X on it instead of a yellow-orange person
shape.  If this is the case, please first
ensure that the USB cable from the computer is also connected into the board’s
electronics (located behind its upper left corner). 


If the ActivManager is not recognizing the USB connection at
that time, please try making a direct connection from this computer (or any
other computer with the 5.11 driver installed on it) to the board’s electronics
using only a single length of A-to-B USB cable, bypassing the RJ-45 extender.  This will ensure that the RJ-45 extender is
not interfering with the connection to this board.  Testing a different computer with this board
using the same direct connection would also determine whether we would need to
look further at the hardware in place or the computer in use.


Once the USB connection to the board is recognized, not only
should you have the ability to calibrate the board using the ActivManager, but you
should also have the ability to select a USB audio device (the board’s built-in
amplifier) as the default audio output device through Windows’ Sound settings,
accessible through Windows’ Control Panel (START > Control Panel >
Hardware and Sound > Sound).


(Support Case 00545083)