Interactive WhiteboardsABV587PRO ActivBoard Spiking. Please Help!

Thanks for the quick response Jarrad! I have spoken with the teacher using the aforementioned setup  and we will try disabling the touch feature next week, as she plans to use that part more starting Monday. Currently she is using the board as a glorified projector and not even connecting the USB because of the spiking.

I will also download and install the driver you mentioned here, which will be done before Monday as well, though it has thus far indicated that it is not likely a driver issue, as various versions of the driver all seem to result in the spiking.

I will have to check again, but I’m fairly certain that others have tried using their assigned laptop(s) with this ActivBoard and have had the same trouble with spiking. I have also tried using a variety of different USB cables, and there has been no change.

I hope to gather more information/results early next week and update this post with my findings!