Interactive WhiteboardsABV587PRO ActivBoard Spiking. Please Help!

First, is the spiking being seen when using pen input to
operate the board, touch input, or both? 
If the spiking is seen when using touch input at the board or if the
cursor starts to move immediately upon connecting the USB cable form the board
to the computer, please refer to Article 10899 from our Knowledgebase for steps on disabling
the touch features of the ActivBoard; does disabling this touch functionality
affect the behavior seen when using the board?


Also, if needed, an updated 5.11 ActivDriver can be downloaded
from Article 10902 on our Knowledgebase; Does installing this driver affect the
behavior seen at the board?


Does using a different computer and USB cable (preferably ones
that work with another board of the same model) improve the interactions?


(Support Case 00527709)