AccessoriesAcive Votes

On the devices in
question, remove the batteries and leave them out for at least a minute, then
re-install them.  One of the LEDs on the
device should blink red briefly when they are properly in place.


 If the same behavior presents at that time,
please also try installing a new set of batteries in the device or a set of batteries
which are working with other devices.


If neither of the
above steps have any effect, then the devices would be defective.


If the devices were
purchased within the past year,
Technical Support should be contacted
with a copy of the invoice under
which that set was purchased to verify their warranty coverage and affect a replacement
of those devices.


If these devices are
more than a year old, then we would be unable to provide any replacement for
them, as their warranty coverage will have expired.  A Promethean
Salesperson can be contacted
for information on pricing and availability
for any needed replacement devices.


(Support Case 00482501)