Interactive WhiteboardsActivArena 50 dual user used to work w/old board firmware & old software, but after updates, all pen

Hi Adam –

As with the last time I dealt with Promethean support, details and understanding of the problem are missed:

“Please could you help to provide a model number of your ActivBoard.”

Please read the very first two words in the body of my original post.

“Also, please let us know the current driver version and firmware version listed within ActivManager along with the current ActivInspire version.”

Whatever your most current version is what it is.  Activdriver is at least 5.10.14 since I was instructed last August by Promethan support to upgrade to v2.0 and that version was wrapped in it (please see your own support database for Case Reference Number 00418889).  The board is set up in another state so I can’t investigate.  I ran updates last week when I was at the school.  It’s our personal board, so there’s no other tech support for it than me.

All I am asking for is:

a)  is the lack of dual-user working a known issue with version 2+ and Activboard 100 series and

b)  for some sort of written PDF or video or website link I can go to so as to reinstall/reactivate dual user (all of which should be readily available in the 21st Century online without having to go to a forum and/or pulling teeth to get info).