Interactive WhiteboardsActivArena 50 dual user used to work w/old board firmware & old software, but after updates, all pen

Hi Dale,

Thanks for getting back to us.

Although you mentioned that you have an ActivBoard 100, we do if possible prefer to have a model number as this will allows us to pinpoint the exact board you are using – the ActivBoard 100 for example comes in several sizes and the firmware version can vary dependent on the size. From your case reference provided 00418889, we can now see that you have an ABV378E100.

To address your questions –

a) There is no known issue with version 2+ and ActivBoard 100 series.
b) There are no instructions to reinstall or reactivate Dual User, as this is a function which will work as long as Inspire and the board are communicating correctly.

If when trying to enable the Dual user function you are receiving the message advising that an upgrade is necessary, then this is most likely because the versions of ActivInspire and ActivDriver are not fully in sync. Is it possible that the ActivDriver has somehow reverted to an older version, or could your ActivInspire have received a more recent update without any update being installed for the driver?

Our recommendation would be to uninstall any ActivDriver(s) from Windows control panel, and then download and install the very latest ActivInspire Suite from This installer will include the latest version 5.11.7 of the ActivDriver which should ensure that ActivInspire can identify your board as being Dual User enabled.

I hope this resolves your issue, but if you continue to experience difficulties, we would please ask you to confirm the versions of firmware, driver and Inspire so that we can continue to look into this for you.


Promethean Technical Support