What is ActivInspire?active inspire cannot upload pdf files

I know the problem now but .. I have new problem when solving this one

Our institution uses the Promethean Board extensively, so I assume we can use the professional version of ActivInspire free of charge. A few years back we were given an activation key (I still have it) to use when we download and install the ActivInspire to out own computers.

But I recently download / install the software again and accidentally hit the “Use the Personal Edition” button when first time starting it. And now I seem to stuck with the Personal Edition on my computer, even though it otherwise works fine, it cannot import PDF file to Flowcharts like the Professional version does. I tried to download and re-install several times, but just can’t get that initial start up screen to startup asking me to enter passcode and choose an Edition. It’s the professional version that I want.