What is ActivInspire?ActivInspire 2.0 not set for differentiation

Well they could go through a series of questions IF ActivInspire 2.0 was supporting the “questions manager” on ipads, which is not yet the case.
Unless I am wrong ( which I hope ) the Ipads student has to wait for the teacher to receive any pages AND each of the questions. 
Even if you soon solve the “Question manager” issue ( which I hope ),  it will remain the student will not be able to go through several pages on his own.

One solution might be to import a complete PaperBoard within ClassFlow BUT : 

 1) Is it not reliable unless the page is very simple. Otherwise a lot of details are not correctly translated, wheras with ActivInspire 2.0 it is perfect because it is a bit map transfert.

 2) within ClassFlow there is no way to set a series of questions : you can only send questions one by one.

I hope I miss something in this analysis.
Being an absolute fan and trainer on Activinspire, I am currently trying to propose ActivInpsire 2.0 instead of the Apple TV/Ipads solution but it is not yet mature enough.