What is ActivInspire?ActivInspire 2.0 not set for differentiation

Hi Alexis, 

If iPads is the preferred student device, then I would definitely recommend using ClassFlow. 
Self-Paced learning is supported by ClassFlow. You can either add a set of questions to a card, create a stand-alone assessment, or even import a flipchart that has a set of questions you created with the Question Manager. 
Once you have registered for a ClassFlow account via http://www.classflow.com, create a class, then create a lesson or import a flipchart, play the lesson to the class you created, then connect your devices with the classcode. Select the card that has the questions attached to it and click on the polling icon (speech bubble) an click “start question set” to play. 
Do let me know if you need more information regarding this , or check out the FAQs and videos on our ClassFlow Community

You would be able to do this from ActivInspire if you were using the ActivExpression devices or ActivEngage as well.