Software SolutionsActivInspire v 2.4 release notes – where are they?

HI Hilary,
Please see the below changes which can be found in the “ActivInspire Readme.txt” file:

Functionality Changes
– Support for Mac OS X 10.10 “Yosemite”
– Support for Mac OS X 10.9 “Mavericks”
– ClassFlow integration – Deliver flipcharts within the ClassFlow infrastructure
– ClassFlow integration – Allow to register and sign in to ClassFlow
– ClassFlow integration – Register and sign in via Google, Facebook Office365
– ClassFlow integration – Support for ClassFlow Student app on ExpressPolls
– ClassFlow integration – Support for sharing flipchart page with ClassFlow Student app
– ClassFlow integration – Support for Remote Control (Next, Previous, Share) using the ClassFlow Teacher app
– ClassFlow integration – Support for adding camera pictures as pages using the ClassFlow Teacher app
– ClassFlow integration – Supports both Web Sockets and Long Polling to better suit school networks
– ClassFlow integration – Displays ClasFlow Class Code in the header
– ClassFlow Integration – Work with ClassFlow and ClassFlow for Schools
– On dual mode boards the default for “touch input handling” and “touch interopability” is set dependent upon operating system
– Updated help file with “What’s New in 2.0” – US & UK English only
– Military Protractor tool improvements for units of measure, reference points, locking and “snap-to” at bottom
– New tool added to enable the army to plan firing ranges = Weapon Danger Area tool (WDA)
– WDA Tool enhancements (add firing line with Draw Full Ground and Draw Full Hard)
– Greek and Azeri translations included for the application
– Now supports ActiView model DC 125 document/object viewer
– ActiView allows support of higher resolutions

Bug Fixes
– Using Arabic handwriting recognition does not now cause the resulting text to “jump”
– New help file that can open correctly on all browsers – US & UK English only
– ClassFlow integration – speed enhancements of sending a card from ActivInspire to a ClassFlow Student
– ClassFlow integration – improved the quality of images/annotations received by a ClassFlow Student
– ClassFlow Integration – Mac implementation made more robust
– Classflow Integration – Mac student count update improved
– “File” > “Export” > “All Pages to …“ now honours the request to process all pages
– Spanish “Tools” menu keyboard shortcuts added and duplicate accelerator keys removed

I hope this information helps