What is ActivInspire?Activmanager will not connect to board

Is the connection to this board being made with
USB or through a Serial Connection? 


If connecting over Serial or Bluetooth, please
ensure that the ActivDriver installed on the computer (the most up-to-date
version of which, 5.10, can be downloaded from our Knowledge Base in Article 10902) has
been installed for “USB + Serial” instead of “USB Only”.   After installing the driver in that manner,
try manually connecting through the ‘Connections’ tab of the ActivManager once
more, after finding and choosing a COM port.


If connecting over USB, do also ensure that the
ActivDriver is at its latest version (5.10) and (if the computer with this
board is Windows-based) please check Windows’ Device Manager under ‘Human Interface
Devices’; if any errors are present there, please refer to Article 10365 for
steps to take in correcting this error. 


Additionally, if any additional boosters,
extensions, or adapters are used in making a USB connection to the ActivBoard,
kindly replace them with a single A-to-B USB cable from the computer to the electronics
on the board (most likely located behind the upper left corner of the ActivBoard).  If the connection to the board is recognized
at that point, you may need to reach out to whoever put that cabling in place
for assistance.


(Support Case 00478344)