What is ActivInspire?activotes -hardware and software combination not permitted for this country

Thank you for contacting me. I am disappointed that I can’t just get the driver for Activstudio. Unfortunately, my school has already tried ActivInspire, and we have had numerous problems that we did not have while using Activstudio 3.7.19. I have a number of ongoing tech support cases going. Everyone at Promethean has been very nice, but they haven’t been able to fix a single issue that we are having.

I am on my district’s tech purchasing committee and also run a tech blog and a youtube channel about educational tech. Because all of the tech support case workers have been very nice, I haven’t complained about Promethean. However, I have more than 30 teachers that are having problems with Inspire that are contacting me each day, and IPromethean does not seem to be able to help us.

Please give us support to get Activstudio 3.7.19 to work. It has worked for us for a number of years. When our computers got upgraded from XP to Windows 7 this summer, we lost Activstudio. I’ve reinstalled it, but I need a driver that will work with Windows 7.

Thank you.

Tony Bomortino
Etiwanda School District