Interactive Flat PanelsActivPanel Touch 84″ Extended Screen

Hi I work in a school where almost all class rooms have 2 PC monitors and either an active board or an active panel.  The problem is I can’t for the life of me work out how to calibrate a monitor of my choice. As it seems to me that only the monitor that is set as the main display (that has windows start menu on) will be calibrated but not the second monitor which I want to calibrate.? Any ideas?

The pcs are set as extended mode. But this only calibrates the first screen which the teacher uses to do her work on while she uses the second screen to display what’s showing on activ panel. When she tries to write on the panel it moves the mouse cursor on the first screen and not the second.  

Unusually I have noticed one or two classes that have activ board with the same setup I. E 2 monitors on a PC that when you click on calibrate you get options on both screens to calibrate this screen or the other. I don’t get that option on the other classes even though they are using new activ panels and new version of activ inspire studio. 

Please help