Interactive WhiteboardsActivprimary3 Activdriver Win7 problem

Hi Dave.
Case 00474898 has been created should you wish to contact us directly about this issue.
Please be aware that ActivPrimary 3 is no longer supported and we recommend upgrading to ActivInspire. ActivInspire has the Primary look at feel as ActivPrimary3 did with a few added features since that release as ActivPrimary 3 was never made for Windows 7.
You can download ActivInspire from

You have mentioned that the ActivBoard connects with the ActivDriver, do you know what version you are using of the driver? You can find this information by clicking on ActivManager>Control Panel and the version is listed at the bottom of the window that appears. Also, do you see your ActivBoard listed under ‘Hardware’?

Should you wish to contact us directly about this issue, please feel free to fill in the form on the below link: or alternatively contact us via our telephone support which all of our numbers can be found Please quote your case reference number so we can relate all information.