Software SolutionsAttaching a sound recording to an object?

Hi Jon,
Thank you for your reply.

Am I correct in saying that you are using the sound recorder tool within ActivInspire to save your recordings?
If not, please let us know.

I have replicated what you have mentioned and can see the difference in change which you have mentioned.

We can change this by opening ActivInspire go to File>Settings>Recordings and ensure that the ‘Sound recording’ is set to ‘Save To Disk’ rather than ‘Add To Flipchart’.
When adding the sound to the object, please ensure that you have ‘Autoplay’ or ‘Controller’ ticked on the sound options.

You may want to include this to be saved into the flipchart should you be sharing these files also by ensuring that the ‘Store as’ option is set to ‘Store file in flipchart’.

I hope this information helps.