Interactive Flat PanelsBAR GRAPH DILEMMA

You can also make another object in the flipchart into a button which can stretch that bar as desired.


As an example, Here are a couple of objects on a blank flipchart page:  A rectangle (Locked in place) on a line and two octagons.


The octagons will be our two buttons for this example.  Let’s use the green one to make the bar grow to the right.  Select the object and use the Menu button to access the Action Browser.


In the Action Browser, we want to set the shape I’ve selected to (in this case) stretch the shape to the right each time the shape is clicked on.  Scroll down the browser window until you can see the “Stretch Right Incrementally” action to select.


An “Action Properties” dialog will appear at the bottom of the Action Browser when selecting that action or any other action that would need additional directions.  For the Action we’re using, we’ll need to set a target object (the rectangle) (1) and set how many pixels the shape will stretch with each click of the green octagon (2), then apply those changes to our octagon (3).


Now, when the green octagon is clicked, the rectangle will stretch to the right by the number of pixels set in the action browser.

The second (red) octagon can be used to do the opposite (in case there is a need to move to a lower number from a higher one or ‘undo’ any excess clicking), not by stretching the shape to the left, but by using the same “Stretch Right Incrementally” action with one minor change:


This will cause the “Stretch” triggered to be negative, which will, in effect, shrink the shape back in the direction from which it grew.