Interactive WhiteboardsBlank flipchart slides?

Hi Craig, 
Thank you for replying.

I have checked which version of Activinspire I have and it’s the ‘Promethean ActivInspire Professional Edition version 2.4.66096 Promethean Ltd.

I was saving my flipcharts to a memory stick, if i were to take the file from the memory stick and place it onto the hard drive, because its corrupt, will it then look exactly the same? 

It never used to happen to me and I had a lot of slides and there were a few links into the slides, but suddenly started happening. How would I be able to check my temp files if this is an issue? 

Also Activinspire also tends to decided to become unresponsive and it then shows the error message ‘activinspire has stopped working’ then the system crashes

Thank you again