Interactive WhiteboardsBlank screen on whiteboard

Hi Nicola, 

Just a few questions to help me troubleshoot the issue for you: 

– What type of board have you got? 
– What type of projector are you using ?  
– Does you see a “no signal” message displayed on the board at all? 
– Does your board have an LED light and is it lit up at all?  
– Can you test it with another laptop or PC? 

If you have a Windows laptop and both the board and the projector are getting power, have you tried to “toggle” your image by pressing the Function Key (FN) in combination with the key that has the monitor symbol on it?  (Usually F5 or F8 depending on the make of laptop) 

If you are using a Promethean Projector, you can also check our Knowledge Base for various helpful articles on troubleshooting your image. 

I have created a case reference for you under 00459371, please don’t hesitate to call support directly if you would like us to talk you through any of the troubleshooting. 

Thank you.