What is ActivInspire?Board not reflecting image on laptop screen

If you would want to
see the same image projected onto the board as is on the computer’s monitor,
then the displays need to be set to a Mirrored or Cloned mode.


In OS X, this can be
done in System Preferences under ‘Display’.  In a tab there called ‘Arrangement’, check the
box that says to mirror these displays.


In Windows, Press the
Windows Key and the letter ‘P’ at the same time; four choices will appear for how
to view the displays.  Choose ‘Duplicate’
from those options.


If this is changing
without any input from you, or the setting is not in place after logging out of
the computer and back in, you may need to seek assistance from your school’s IT
staff in regards to the setup of that computer or your user account on the


(Support Case