Interactive WhiteboardsCalibration Wizard closes when doing Calibration.


I’ve logged your question against case number 492885. Thanks for posting.

We typically find that if calibration cancels out, it may be because the board is detecting a right-click from the pen. It could also be that the board is detecting erratic pen movement, though if this were the case you’d probably report that before you started seeing issues with calibration.

If you’ve already tried another pen, are you able to check with another computer, and are you able to try resetting (ie power-cycling) the board? Are you able to check with a different set of power and USB cables and let us know the result?

If the power cycle doesn’t fix, we’d probably want to get further into troubleshooting based on the specific model of board and may past a certain point need to ask for your firmware version or serial number, which we’d prefer not to get over the forum. If the issue persists, can you please contact us over the phone or via our knowledgebase so that we can assist further?

Thank you,
Daniel Barnwell
Promethean Technical Support