Software SolutionsCan I see all the pages in a flipchart at a glance?

Heather, you can do this with the Page Browser. By default, when you install ActivInspire, the Page Browser and the other browsers — not to be confused with Internet browsers — are on the left side of the page, and if you hover over them they slide into view. If you don’t see them at all, click the View pull-down menu and then Browsers.

The image below shows the browsers. Clicking the first icon chooses the Page Browser, in which case your pages will show below that. Click the thumbtack icon at the upper right to pin the browsers in place when you don’t want them sliding off to the side. Clicking any page in the browser takes you to that page. Within the Page Browser, you can add and delete pages and reorder them. Slide the vertical lever at the lower right portion of the Page Browser to see the pages in two or more columns rather than a single one. Hover over the right edge of the browsers to adjust the width. I hope this helps.