Software SolutionsCan’t Open File

Hello Mitzi, I am an ActivInpire user.
Just testing and does not work the way it’s supposed to work. Back to the machine where you created the file, and you’ll do the following…

My first advice is: Always work in your hard drive….. Never directly to a flash memory or external disk. Then you have a file storage in a safe place and  can copy or send it to the cloud 🙂

1- Go to the page you inserted the video and foolow the next steps
2- Inser – Link – File, (ctrl + L) this will open your file browser to locate the original file
3- Will open a dialoge box “INSERT FILE” 
4- Enter the path…….At the top line you have to click over (…) at the end of this row to browse your file from the directory it was inserted
5- Next row “Add link as” —> Existing Object —> Click at (…) at the end of this row to browse your file insert on the flipchart page, select the object media file from the list, probably named MEDIA(n)
6- Next row —-> Store as: and here you have 3 options, please select “Store file in the flipchart”

This will make a single file having inside all the videos (media) you inserted in your work regardless from it was taken.

Save your file with a new name, Close the program ActivInspire
Insert your external device and copy in it.
Eject your external memory device and plug into your other computer.
Explore and copy to your hard dive, again, never work directly over an external device.
Open your ActivInspire and locete the file with the open menu.

fingers crossed it works for you.