Software Solutionscan’t see flip chart

Hi Jim,

This is in our experience something that typically happens when a flipchart is saved. Can you please confirm where you’re saving your flipcharts- For example, are you saving them to your desktop? To a network drive? To a thumb drive? Sometimes if a thumb drive is not disconnected properly or if there’s a connection issue when saving to a network drive the file won’t save properly.

This does tend to happen more often with larger files, or files that have a lot of media stored in the flipchart. There may be an issue with your temp folders, where the file is stored while it’s open, and this would tend to affect larger files more.

We’d suggest saving to the hard drive, then transferring wherever you need first and foremost. We expect any changes will not help flipcharts already affected, but let us know if following these suggestions you have issues with flipcharts looking correct before saving and then later not opening.


(Support Case: 560223)