What is ActivInspire?Charge Fault & How to install the ActivDriver?

The most up-to-date
ActivDriver (version 5.10, as of this post) can be downloaded from Article
10902 on our Promethean Knowledge Base,
if needed.


Alternatively, you can
download the up-to-date ActivInspire Suite from this
on Promethean Planet; this will not only install the updated ActivDriver,
but also the updated ActivInspire software (version 2.3, as of this post)


If the slate in
question is not able to charge with any computer which has the updated
ActivDriver installed using any charging cable, then we would recommend contacting
our Technical Support Team
with the slate’s serial number to verify the
model of slate in use and its warranty coverage.


(Support Case 00491668)