Interactive WhiteboardsClickies are not working

Hi Angelia.
Are you using the Activote or Activexpression devices? Within ActivInspire if you go to the ‘Device Registration’ page (to register your devices) do you see your ActivHub listed there? If this is blank, please download the latest ActivDriver by going to and searching for article 10902. Once the latest driver is installed, please restart ActivInspire and see if your ActivHub is listed again. If it is then try to run your question and see if any errors appear.

If you do see your ActivHub listed under ‘Device Registration’, I would recommend to load ActivManager>Control Panel and reset your hub and re-register your devices.

If you still encounter any issues please do not hesitate to contact us directly for further assistance.
Please quote your case reference number should you do so, which is 00483125