Interactive Flat PanelsCreating a custom flip chart using cells from other flip charts

If the cells in
question are flipchart pages, then copying and pasting them can be done through
ActivInspire’s Page Browser (View > Browsers).  Right-click on the page in the browser you
wish to copy and choose ‘Copy’ from the menu that appears.  Switch to the Flipchart into which the page
is to be pasted, right-click on that flipchart’s Page Browser and choose ’Paste’
from the menu that appears.  The page
should paste into the end of the pages listed in the Page Browser; click, hold,
and drag that page within the page browser to re-order the pages there.


Otherwise, kindly
advise us of the cells that are being moved (with a screenshot if you are
able), so we can better assist.


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