Interactive WhiteboardsDesktop annotate going to laptop display

In which version of
the ActivInspire software is this behavior presenting, and which version of the
ActivDriver is installed on the computer in use?  If needed, an installer for the up-to-date
version 2.3 software and 5.10 ActivDriver can be downloaded from this
on Promethean Planet after logging in with your Planet Account.  Also, which model of ActivBoard is being used
with the computer in question?


Can you clarify what
happens when activating the Annotate over Desktop tool in the ActivInspire software?  Is the software displaying on the board
before activating the tool, then switching back to the laptop’s monitor with
all it menus and toolboxes moved back to that monitor once activating the
tool?  Does the software stay displayed
on the board, but the annotations made while that tool is active appear only on
the laptop’s monitor?  Does using the
tool reveal a picture of the desktop which is different from the desktop in use
to annotate over?


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