Software SolutionsDownloading Older Version of Activinspire

Hi Janice,

ActivInspire should work on your new computer with no issues.
It is possible that you were referring to the driver at all?
If your ActivBoard is a serial connection (possibly with a USB adapter) then the default driver which installs with ActivInspire will only install the USB only option.

You can download the older version of the driver from the below link.
32bit version:
64bit version:

Please ensure that you have drivers installed for any third party adapters or extenders that may be in use.
We also recommend that the connection between the ActivBoard and the laptop is removed before the driver is installed and connecting the cable once the driver has been installed.

If you are still having issues please contact Promethean Technical Support a list of contact numbers can be found on the link below:

Promethean Technical Support
Case 565781