What is ActivInspire?Embedding problem

Hi Emőke,

Case Reference number: 00474902

Thank you for attaching the flip chart to be viewed. I’ve had a look at this flip chart and can confirm that I do see the embedded video and this plays for me fine.

I would recommend ensuring that your ActivInspire version is the latest from http://www.PrometheanPlanet.com and ensuring that your ‘Flash Player’ is up to date.

If you are using a Windows/Mac/Linux computer, please ensure that ‘Flash for other browsers’ is also installed. This can be downloaded from: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/othe…

Should you wish to contact us directly about this issue, please feel free to fill in the form on the below link: http://goo.gl/j3AT8S or alternatively contact us via our telephone support which all of our numbers can be found http://www.prometheanworld.com/us/eng…. Please quote your case reference number so we can relate all information.