Interactive WhiteboardsFlip only displays in browser. Help!

If the same version of ActivInspire is on both computers (we recommend using the up-to-date version 2.4 software available here on Promethean Planet) while logged in to either computer with any user account, then it is likely that the data in the flipchart pages has been lost. We would recommend copying any functioning pages to a new flipchart and re-creating any pages lost to this behavior.

To decrease the likelihood of this occurring with any flipcharts created in the future, we would suggest the following:

– Reducing the number of objects saved to a flipchart page or the number of pages in the flipchart.

– If you are accessing the file from a network or removable storage device, copy the file from that location to the computer’s desktop and open that copy instead of opening the file directly from that external location.

– Limiting the number of media files embedded in the flipchart

(Support Case 00519208)